About The App

This is the new social media app that prepares men and women for Godly purpose driven relationships that last. 


People are tired of relationships where they have to go through pain while waiting on the other person to grow. 


Our vision is to grow a community of imperfect couples willing to help each other learn how to communicate and become committed teammates chasing their life goals together.


Our mission is helping couples to recognize, admit and grow pass their individual imperfections prior to marriage so they can prepare to have a marriage as close to perfect as possible. The future of our kids is definitely riding on the health of our marriages


Through this app, outside of our community, couples can sign up anonymously to participate in a variety of exercises that range from getting to know each other, how to communicate, how to have difficult conversations, marital challenges, family plans and purpose. 


Or couples can schedule us one on one to ensure you don’t fight against each other, but instead fight to understand each other so you can become the couple that has their ish together, communicate, and be committed teammates chasing your life goals together.

What is an Imperfect Coupl3?

An Imperfect Coupl3 is two incomplete individuals who seek companionship with one another without having all the key pieces to sustain a healthy and God ordained relationship.  Once they choose to give their relationship to God, he helps fill in the missing pieces and make their union complete.

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