Date With A Purpose

Written on 03/15/2020
Donald Gibson

You are essentially interviewing for your most important job you will ever have in your life and that is finding a helpmate to help you accomplish God's will for your life. Women you are about to sign up for a company (man) that has no vision statement for where the company is going and you are just along for the ride that will end up nowhere. "Where there is no vision, the people perish." Proverbs 29:18.

Companies ask questions and take notes to see if people are compatible.  Before they move on with that person, they decide if that person can help them build the vision by the way of the mission statement. 

Next time you are on a date, treat it like an interview. 

Step 1: Bring a list of questions. 

Step 2: Write down answers. You remember more of the things you write down.

Find out what the mission statement and vision statements' are. Ask yourself, can you contribute to that mission. Ask yourself, do you believe in that mission. Ask yourself, what does the vision look like from completing the mission. Ask yourself, is that even the vision you want to be a part of.

Women: If he is a man of God he will understand why you are sitting down with a list of questions. If he doesn't understand then he is not qualified by God for you yet, and that is okay. That's why marriage preparation is important.

You want to know what is his purpose in life because you want to know what you will be helping him with and if you have the skills to help.

Men: You need to find your job assignment (purpose) given by God first. You don't want to hire somebody for the job and then you get the assignment and figure out they can't help you complete the work. Now you are struggling and frustrated because she is not even interested in the work you have been called to do. After you get the assignment, you need to know if she has the skills to help you accomplish what God has given you to do. Or is she at least willing to acquire them?

God gave relationships for a purpose. He wanted us to have helper to complete the will he has for our lives. 

Date With A Purpose!

Written by: 

The Marriage Preparation Coach

Donald Gibson Jr.