Featured Couple Of The Week:1


This Imperfect Coupl3 is so touchy touchy they just may be perfect for each other.

Meet: Jerry and Latoya Fields 

We met on a blind date and married after a year half....02/20/2020 is the date

Obstacle is my husband is 15 years younger than me so I  was beating myself up thinking of many reasons not to date ..also he is German (white) and African American that's always hard ... So  those blue eyes and dimples was go for me. It was love at first sight...we have not been apart since the day we met...no.joke. Lol 

My advice is to have Faith and have FUN...let GOD do what he do Best...things will be fine! 

This is one of my favorite picture because of the Cinderella story, I feel like he was my prince that came and saved me. We are very affectionate because we are truly in love!