5 Of Many Reasons Why Marriages Fail

Here are some reasons why marriage fails:

    1    Holding Grudges. As humans, committing mistakes are inevitable. Sometimes, mistakes made by one person pile up until the other finds it difficult to forgive anymore. 


    2    Financial Problems. This is a common problem that can cause a lot of marriages to fail. People have different spending and saving attitudes and when both parties do not compromise, it can create tension. Eventually, when the problem blows out of proportion, it can be difficult to stitch the relationship back together, leading to separation. 


    3    Expecting Too Much. Expecting too much out of your partner is also one reason why marriage fails, and when your partner fails you, you just don’t feel enthusiastic towards them anymore. 


    4    You don’t make adjustments. You just don’t adjust to what your marriage demands. Remember that marriage is a give and take process. Your partner is not the only one who needs to adjust to your married life. 


    5    Getting sympathy from other people. Your marriage is between you and your partner. No one can fix it other than the both of you. Oversharing details about your marital life to your friends and family might sound appealing, but this can cause more harm than do you good.