The Communication Cycles

You will find many different communication cycles all stating the same basics.  Through my study on communication, my professor provided me with more insight than you can get just by reading.  In the photo you can see the communication cycle from The Imperfect Coupl3 as it gives more details than others in the attached article and mentions filters.  Filters have direct effect on how we perceive things that are stated.

The sender sends a message.  That message is met by noise/interference.  The message along with the interference is then filtered by the receiver.  The receiver is filtering the message with their own unique set of circumstances.  Once the receiver decodes the message, they send it back to the original sender through feedback which is also met with interfence.  The original sender filters the feedback and then becomes the decoder/receiver.  Then the cycle starts all over again and continues to repeat itself until the conversation ends.

Take a look at this article to learn more and see different communication cycles.  This can save your relationship.