Manhood Mentorship

Welcome to MANHOOD MENTORSHIP where we are MENTORING YOUNG MEN THROUGH ENTREPRENEURSHIP, OWNERSHIP, AND LEADERSHIP.  A MAN is a person whose actions are worthy of that title.  The title of MAN comes with RESPONSIBILITIES.  The title of MAN is earned.  It does not come with age.  Towards the end of  age of 12 is when Jesus begins to become a man.

Many of you may have grown up without a father in the home to teach you the responsibilities God gave us as men.  Many of you have grew up with fathers in the home, but they didn't know the true responsibilities God gave us as men.  This section is for MEN ONLY. Here, together, we will grow and develop into the men God called us to be.

Here is where we will share things you wished you were taught as a son or things you wish to teach your sons.  There are many sons growing up without fathers, lets use this section to be there for them and mentor them in manhood.

Join the discussion group where we will have discussions on what we need to be men, fathers,  husbands, leaders, entrepreneurs and owners. We will cover business, building credit, and investing.

This is a safe place where we can open up and share with each other about the things we are going through as men, fathers, husbdands, leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Sharing our experiences will lead us into being able to help each other navigate through these tough trials we normally face alone.


Leave a message telling us about you and areas you want to grow in.