Marriage Preparation Workbook

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After being married for a while you may start to feel like:


-This isn't what I signed up for

-He/she is not the person I thought they were

-I thought I would be happier

-I wasn't prepared for this

-I want a divorce


Why do we have these thoughts? Simply because we did not prepare for marriage.


Just like it is possible to have the career of your dreams if you prepare for it, it is also possible to have the marriage of your dreams if you prepare for it.


Are you ready and willing to do the work?


Marriage preparation helps dating and married couples prepare for the marriage they truly want.  This digital workbook has over 26 marriage preparation exercises that will save and change your relationship. And we are adding more exercises. Best part about this workbook is it is self paced and between no one but you and your partner. No one is in your private business.


You will learn who you are and what you ultimately want in a relationship. This digital workbook is packed with questions to ask, communication and listening exercises, how to deal with intimacy challenges, and how to have sensitive conversations.


This gives you over 6 months of really getting to know yourself and your partner in depth. This also helps both of you develop and gain the necessary tools to make a relationship work and turn into a marriage that lasts forever.


This is truly Marriage Preparation.


6 Main categories

-Who we are: exercises strictly on getting to know each better to create understanding.


-Communication Cycle: tools to teach affective and assertive communication including listening.


-Sensitive Conversations: Practicing to use the communication exercises in difficult topics. 


-Art of Love: teaching how to love on purpose when it’s hard because it will get hard.


-Marital Challenges: Being proactive and discussing challenges that will occur.  


-Vision & Planning: Vision for family and plan to accomplish that vision. 


Before you spend THOUSANDS on a wedding day, spend just a little to ensure you have a marriage that lasts a lifetime. 


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