Is Dating Getting You Nowhere?

Posted on 02/04/2021
01:29 | 8 views

We prepare couples to have a relationship as close to perfect as possible through our digital workbook called purposeful dating

This digital workbook will help you:

  1. Change the way you date so you can really get to know your significant other on the deepest level
  2. Know up front if the person you are dealing with is or not the one for you before wasting years of your time that you can’t get back. 
  3. Learn communication skills that will be needed for a healthy long term relationship
  4. Prepare you to be in a long term relationship with the end goal of a healthy marriage 
  5. Find the vision for your life and put together a family plan where your marriage will serve God’s purpose 

Let us help you, your friends and family quit wasting your time and years that you can’t get back. Download The Imperfect Coupl3 app and sign up for the Purposeful Dating digital workbook.